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For Cerumen Removal

The EarCap is a unique ear irrigation system with a built in catch basin that uses standard saline irrigation bottles as the fluid reservoir.  This provides a large volume irrigation system that can create the necessary turbulence to loosen wax and flush it out into the built in catch basin.   

Providing a large volume of fluid to the external auditory canal is what floods the ear, creates turbulence and loosens wax.  Syringes have narrow streams without much force and are tedious to refill.  The EarCap uses compatible irrigation bottles as the fluid reservoir.  Be sure to use warm fluid. 

The EarCap works with gravity.  Rather than blasting wax further down in the ear, the EarCap is positioned below the ear so the fluid drops into the basin.  It may be used by the clinician as a billable ear irrigation tool and it can be left with a patient for self-use and even home use. 

The built in catch basin reduces the number of hands involved and it reduces the mess from the procedure. You can see what you get when the irrigation fluid flushes out golden nuggets of success. 

The flexible and adjustable tip optimizes comfort and proper positioning to maximize success.  

The threaded attachment for an irrigation bottle allows the delivery of large volumes of fluid without having to tediously refill a syringe or hand pump over & over again.  

Use the EarCap to reduce the time and resources involved with wax removal (and even for some foreign bodies).

Simple, Effective Treatment


Fewer Resources

Less Mess

Take Home 

Billable Procedure

Now it is easier to irrigate the ear.

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Ear Irrigation

High Volume

Built In Catch Basin

Adjustable Tip

Fits On Any
Compatible Saline Bottle




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"EasiEar" Irrigation


don't Wait to Irrigate!


Removing wax allows clinician to properly evaluate the middle ear for infection and injury.   While wax itself is not harmful, impacted cerumen can affect hearing.   Many patients come to the ER and doctors offices for cerumen removal.  There are generally two approaches to wax removal, curettage and irrigation.

Ear Irrigation

Flushing out wax clears the ear canal.   It sounds easy, but using other devices is tedious, time consuming and often ineffective.  This ties up staff who could be using the time and skills to do other things more efficiently.

Inadequate Ear Irrigation Techniques

Syringes are tedious.  They provide small volumes under higher pressure.  Spray bottles provide narrow streams in spurts under higher pressure.   Both require repeated priming to deliver fluid.  The constant refilling is not only annoying for the clinician but it is annoying for the restless patient that constantly change position, making it difficult to reposition the basin without spilling the mess all over the shoulder and the floor.   And even with all the time invested, these techniques often don’t work and frequently costly base equipment goes missingyy

EarCap Design

The EarCap has simple design that delivers larger volumes of fluid under low pressure, but with a significant overall force to create turbulence in the ear canal to dislodge and flush out wax.  Attachment to a compatible irrigation bottle provides a larger fluid reservoir for continuous irrigation with limited refilling.  The built-in catch basin reduces the mess and  allows you to see what you get, so you know when you are making progress.  The design also works with gravity, enabling the use of a tilted head down position.   Instead of jamming wax further down into the ear canal with syringe irrigation, the EarCap flushes fluid upward into the ear.  This unique approach now works with gravity, so the exiting fluid and debris now drops down into the catch basin.  


Faster delivery of large volumes of fluid, means quicker success, reduced resources and shortened lengths of stay. 

Reimbursable Procedure

The built in splash shield helps reduce the risk of backsplash of contaminated irrigation fluid onto clinical providers.  

Patient Satisfaction

Patient’s like it when you help them hear again.  Especially when you do it quickly, without pain, and without a mess.  They also appreciate it when you teach them how to use a device that they can take home to use themselves.  So consider giving the product to your patient for home use.  

Ear Irrigation

Use warm water, including warm tap water.  

Adjust the flexible tip to the desired depth.

Lean over next to a sink.

Place the EarCap around the ear and against the scalp.


Watch what comes out in the basin. 

Dump into the sink & repeat.

Doing It Right, With High Volume Irrigation

The EarCap delivers a large volume of fluid to the ear to create turbulence and flush out wax.  Tedious syringes use narrow streams without much volume or overall force.   

The EarCap is designed with a flexible adjustable nozzle with a wide opening.  Extension tubing dips into the bottom of the saline bottle so the bottle can remain upright as the patient leans over.  Squeezing the bottle quickly floods the ear canal with fluid to displace the wax out of the ear canal. 

The built in catch basin allows you to catch the irrigation fluid as it comes out to reduce the mess and monitor the progress.  See-what-you-get as it comes out.

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What's the PSI?

It depends on how hard you squeeze the bottle.

Of course, low pressure is safest to reduce injury to the middle ear.

Unlike syringes or spray bottles that are designed to generate spurts of high pressure narrow streams, the EarCap is designed to deliver wide streams of large continuous volumes of irrigation fluid. This design creates turbulence to dislodge and flush out wax.

The adjustable tip optimizes the placement depth and the wide opening increases flow while reducing pressure.

The long extension tubing also increases the resistance to decrease the pressure.

The optimized design for self-administration of fluids, makes it possible the user to self-regulate how much fluid and pressure is delivered.

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