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Reversible Pediatric Suction Device!

The TwinSuction is a reversible pediatric suction that combines both a blunt tip nasal suction and a flexible large bore oropharyngeal suction into a single device.  Now you have one device for your most common pediatric suctioning needs when using wall suction.  

You will be better prepared and provide better care without having to search for or attach a new device. 

It is great for simultaneous use during nasal irrigation, in conjunction with our Schnozzle device.  

Depending on what you need, just flip it! 


To learn more, please scroll down to review the information below. 

More Versatile. 

Better Preparation. 

Simpler Inventory 

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Use with Schnozzle for Nasal Irrigation

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Blunt Tip

Nasal Suction

Flexible Tubing

Oropharyneal Suction

Thumb Control Valve

Use with Schnozzle

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don't Wait to Irrigate!

TwinSuction Design

The TwinSuction was designed to have a single product that could meet the needs of clinicians treating pediatric patients.  The blunt nasal suction provides a seal on the nose while avoiding the risks associated with nasal suction devices that go deeper into the nose and can cause trauma to the delicate nasal tissue.  The TwinSuction can also do oral and deeper oropharyngeal suction using the longer flexible end.  Both ends of the suction device, are designed to avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of deep nasal suction devices.  Of course, if deep nasal or nasopharyngeal suctioning is needed then use the appropriate device. 

The TwinSuction is the perfect companion for the Schnozzle nasal irrigation device when using mechanical wall suction.  The TwinSuction can be used simultaneously during nasal irrigation to pull saline through the nose as it  is flushed from the opposite side.   This helps direct the fluid around the back of the nasal septum and out the other side of the nose with less risk of diversion of irrigation fluid into the oropharynx.  This technique also maintains and cleaner, less messy working field compared to using nasal irrigation alone.  The TwinSuction can also be used to clear the oropharynx after irrigation.  

Better Patient Care & Patient Safety

Two devices in one allows you to use the best treatment and provide better care.  Use the blunt tip end to seal against the nostril.  If oral suctioning is required, just flip the TwinSuction and use the other end to clear the mouth.  Scroll down below to see pictures of how our patent pending is reversible.  One device.  One hose.  Two functions. 

2 in 1

Both Nasal and Oropharyngeal suctioning functions are available in one device. 

Nasal Tip - Blunt Curved

Use this end to suction the nose. 

Oropharyngeal Tip - Elongated Flexible Tube

Use this end to suction the mouth and the back of the throat. 

Finger Valve

Controls the flow of suction when oriented in either direction. 

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