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Our devices are designed
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Improve Safety & Productivity.

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The Wound Irrigation Bottle Shield. Improve Productivity and Safety. The SplashCap is the first and only wound irrigation shield to fit on standard saline irrigation bottles. Use it to provide high pressure, high volume irrigation that saves time and money compared to tediously refilling syringes. It is used everyday in hospitals across the US to save time and money.


The Eye Irrigation Bottle Adapter. Don't Wait to Irrigate!  Use the EyeCap for immediate treatment of splash injuries to the eye. A pool of fluid is created over the orbit to bathe the eye, dilute chemicals, and wash out debris. Provide instant soothing relief. Use as the definitive treatment for minor injuries or as a bridge to the more invasive & costly irrigation lenses.


The AbscessCap has a protruding nozzle that allows you to go deep into a wound to flush out pus and debris from from the bottom up. Don't just clean the outside wound surface like everyone else. Use the AbscessCap to probe deep to flush out bacteria from recesses and pockets that can lead to treatment failures. Use it for small and large abscess irrigation.


Use the EarCap to easily wash out earwax. The Built-in Catch Basin fits over the ear and collects the runoff to stay dry with less mess and see-what-you-get. The flexible tip is adjustable for inserting to the ideal depth. The EarCap fits on any saline bottle to continuously apply large volumes of fluid. It avoids tediously refilling syringes. Quick, effective and less mess.


The EasiEar is a disposable ear curette with a single round wire construction.  There are no sharp "scrapey" edges from the parting line on plastic curettes.  The thin wire allows better maneuverability in the narrow ear canal to get behind stubborn chunks of wax or foreign bodies.  Don't let the name fool you:  it is also great for removal of nasal foreign bodies!


Schnozzle Nasal Irrigation Adapter For Kids & Adults. Use it to clear nasal secretions to breathe better. Its Amazing! The Schnozzle was specially designed for little kids as a better alternate to suctioning, but grown ups loved using it too. Watch our cool animation and videos. Try it on yourself. Then use on your patients to get them home feeling better and happier.


Improve Safety & Productivity.

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Splash Medical Devices, LLC has been providing medical devices to hospitals in the US since 2005.  All of our products were invented by clinicians looking for better ways to “GET ‘E.R. DONE!” in the Emergency Department where it is important to work efficiently, safely and effectively.  Since then, we have expanded to provide our products to other areas of medicine, and other markets, where our devices continue to solve problems that healthcare providers and patients face everyday.

Take a look through our website.  We have some interesting pictures, flyers and videos.  While you are at it, we hope you will learn some new tricks that you can use to help your patients and also teach others.   Find the information or tools you need to get these products introduced and used at your facility.   We are continually updating this information.  If you don’t see what you need, let us know and we can work on creating it.

We are always looking for trouble …so we can make a device that fixes it.  If you find yourself saying, “I wish someone would make a ____ that does ______,” then look on our website.  If we aren’t selling it, we may have it in development.  If not, we would be happy to show you where to find it or even work with you on developing it.

For those of you that have already been using our products, Thank You!

Check out the Schnozzle!

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Improve Safety & Productivity.



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